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1. Project Thoth
Aim ; To create a device that can carry textbooks, and books without heavy weights and make studying interactive, smart and easy.

Creating a device that can carry textbooks, and books without heavy weights and make study interactive, smart and easy. With these devices, Students don’t buy textbooks every year Including 1* and 2*, part textbooks, and only need to buy the device when they join to school. And the government did not need to print over 50,320,700 textbooks per year so they save printing costs and students only need to buy devices at one time. They can use it for all classes by adding new books every year. And using these devices students can see HD videos, and images, based on the study content without the internet. Also we can use VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) to make students more interactive and simplify with studies. Students don’t need to carry too many books and doesn’t need cut trees for paper. By using this device we can give realistic virtual books in offline (without internet) it can also connect internet when we need. and many more opportunities and features


  • The government doesn’t need to print books

  • Students no longer needed to carry many books Students didn’t need to buy textbooks every year

  • Government can easily make changes in textbooks and more

Why are online textbooks better?


According to the University of Michigan, 30 million trees were cut down last year to print traditional textbooks. Trees remove harmful carbon dioxide and provide oxygen, which is essential for creating cleaner air. By using digital versus physical textbooks, your school district can help support a stronger, healthier environment.

Accessible anywhere

Printed textbooks can be forgotten at home or at school. The online versions,
though, can be accessed on a computer, a Chromebook or even a phone, so
there’s no downtime to learning.
Learners and teachers can access eBooks anywhere from any device since
publishers make them compatible for different devices. It makes it easy for
schools to transition between remote, hybrid and in-person learning since the
content is available in different formats. Digital textbooks can also be
downloaded, so students can use them offline if internet service isn’t

Why should schools use digital textbooks?


When comparing traditional textbooks versus digital textbooks, there is a cost
factor. E-textbooks are more affordable for schools, especially when new
editions come into play. When a traditional textbook publisher releases a new
edition, those have to be purchased by a school or a district. Updated online
textbooks, on the other hand, don’t require a hefty price tag or shipping costs.
In fact, Public School Review found that digital versions are 53% cheaper than
new printed textbooks.

Instant delivery

With digital options, schools no longer need to order textbooks and wait for
them to be delivered to the school. Online books are available instantly.
Instead of having students and families line up to pick up their books, the
content can simply be downloaded to a device. This is also a great solution if
a school decides mid-year to add a supplemental textbook or purchase books
for specific learners.

No storage needed

Imagine a world where classrooms don’t need to find a place to fit stacks of
traditional textbooks. With digital textbooks, space opens up for learning
centers or more student movement in the classroom. Schools also don’t
have to store new textbooks in a textbook room and spend time keeping track
of each book.

Automatic updates

Traditionally, publishers update textbooks every several years. Once new
editions are written, schools then have to purchase them, wait for them to ship
and store them. With digital textbooks, any update can be made automatically
with no down-time. That means your school district curriculum stays relevant
and aligned with standards and current events.

Why should teachers use digital textbooks?


Teachers can easily see how their learners perform when they use digital
textbooks. That allows for customizing lessons and assignments for groups or
individual students. Font sizes for online books can also be enlarged and
page brightness can be turned up or down. Page colors can often be inverted,
too, which helps some learners see the content more easily. Read-aloud
versions of the text are also available to help students who need that

kevin anjo

CEO and founder

Email: [email protected]

Thank you for visting our webiste

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