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Education Minister Fayval Williams recently launched a financial education and empowerment seminar for local teachers.
The launch of the series follows her commitment at the recent annual conference of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) to provide opportunities for enhancing the overall financial well-being of educators.
This first workshop was organised through the Jamaica Teaching Council, an agency of the Ministry of Education and Youth’s (MOEY).   
“Financial literacy unlocks the door to financial success. The main benefit of financial literacy is that it will empower individuals and families to make smart financial decisions. It will also provide the knowledge and skills needed to manage money effectively through budgeting, saving, investing and borrowing,” underscored Williams.
Investment strategist Keisha Bailey led a robust discussion with over 250 teachers who attended the first online seminar on Thursday, October 6. 

Investment strategist Keisha Bailey

“Financial education is key to economic opportunity.  We are better equipped to reach our financial goals and achieve financial stability,” stated Bailey, in her introductory remarks to the first batch of enthusiastic educators. 
Bailey, the CEO of Profit Jumpstarter, has been working with teachers from St Andrew High School for the past five months. 
“Financial literacy is important for current money habits and also future preparation. The lack of financial literacy skills can lead to poor spending choices, increased debt and a generational wealth gap. Teachers can help address the problem of financial capability by taking advantage of the technology available at their fingertips; it will ensure that the next generation of educators follows the best financial path from the early stages of their illustrious careers,” stated Williams. 
For the next Financial Education and Empowerment seminar, Ricardo Allen, Founder and CEO of One-on-One Educational Services, an educational technology company.
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