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Federal Student Aid will not move the FSA Conferences website to FSA Partner Connect on March 26, 2023 as described below. Instead, the move will occur on April 23, 2023. More information about the move will be provided in a forthcoming announcement. The Student/Parent/Borrower Profile update will occur as planned.

On March 26, 2023, we plan to implement additional customer-focused updates to the FSA Partner Connect website. The updates outlined in this announcement support our overarching goals for FSA Partner Connect—providing improved experiences for customers in accessing data pertinent to their school or organization, information contained in the Federal Student Aid (FSA) Handbook, guidance published and maintained in the Knowledge Center, and accessing FSA conference information.

The FSA Conferences website (fsaconferences.ed.gov) will be moved to FSA Partner Connect, and the former website will be retired. The new location aligns with the overall design of FSA Partner Connect and the new look and feel will provide an improved user experience. Conference information and resources currently available on the FSA Conferences website—including session materials and recordings from past conferences—will move to the new location.
We will have a redirect in place to easily get users to the new location, so we expect little disruption to schools. If school users have the current website bookmarked or have references to it in printed material, they will need to update those bookmarks or references to the new web link after it becomes available on March 26, 2023.
More information about this update will be provided in a forthcoming Electronic Announcement.

We will make changes to how Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU) information is displayed within the Student, Parent, Borrower Accounts feature. There is no change to the underlying LEU data or calculation.

If you have questions or would like to provide feedback about FSA Partner Connect, complete the Customer Support form in the FSA Partner Connect Help Center or call the FSA Partner and School Relations Center at 1-800-848-0978.
Last Modified: 03/17/2023


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