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Harsh Goenka has shown his appreciation on Twitter for the Pinarayi Vijayan government on its ‘wonderful and creative idea’.
Harsh Goenka has praised the Kerala government for one of its innovative efforts.the chairman of RPG Enterprises took to Twitter to show his appreciation for the Pinarayi Vijayan government on its “wonderful and creative idea”.
Harsh Goenka’s appreciation on Twitter comes as the Kerala government converted scrapped buses into classrooms for teaching kids. A number of the loss-making state-run KSRTC buses in Kerala were decided to be turned into classrooms, State Transport Minister Antony Raju said earlier in May.The buses have been sitting idle since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and are not in a fit state to be put back on the road. According to the minister, there have been requests to put the buses to better use rather than selling them as scrap.
The Kerala government has converted scrapped buses into classrooms for teaching kids. What a wonderful and creative idea! Other States should emulate. pic.twitter.com/zWkwqFXDDO
The proposal, according to the minister, came directly from Kerala Education Minister V.Sivankutty, who received an immediate nod. The first low-floor classrooms will be built in a state-run school in the capital city, which will be provided with two low-floor buses. According to sources, the KSRTC has roughly 400 buses that are no longer roadworthy and must be demolished. It’s unclear how many of these will be converted into classrooms.
Harsh Goenka is quite active on social media platforms and often expresses himself on various subjects. He, on May 31, shared his take on how to excel at one’s workplace. He asked people to spend time with smart people, be efficient with time, see fear as opportunities and give full commitment to the task given. He also advised people to value learning, embrace failure and work “bloody hard”.
Harsh Goenka earlier had a lighthearted view on the current state of the cryptocurrency market and shared a post to cheer up investors. Goenka shared Kishore Kumar’s song called ‘Yeh Laal Rang’ from Prem Nagar (1974), in which actress Hema Malini and late actor Rajesh Khanna can be seen anxious along with red-coloured charts of the stock market, representing the current market situation.
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