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DISPUR: The Assam government has instructed the teachers to follow a strict dress code. As per the notification of the state education department, teachers won’t be allowed to wear jeans, leggings, t-shirts and flashy clothes. This is applicable to both male and female teachers.

The notification says that the teachers would have to attend classes in formal clothes in sober colours, with party and casual apparel to be strictly avoided.

“Since a teacher is expected to be an example of all sorts of decency especially while discharging their duties, it has become necessary to follow a dress code that should reflect a sense of decorum, decency, professionalism and seriousness of purpose at the work place,” the notification reads.

In addition to the traditional dress of Assam, sarees and salwars are the prescribed attire for women teachers. Clean and dignified attire, including traditional attire, is prescribed for male teachers.

Earlier, some states including Haryana had imposed a dress code including for government employees and doctors. In Haryana, health workers, including doctors, were banned from wearing jeans, T-shirts, make-up, growing nails and wearing unnatural hairstyles.The dress code applies to medical students as well as staff.


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