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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Proposal in PSC to avoid preliminary examination based on educational qualification for posts like LD Clerk and Last Grade for which most candidates apply. Instead, it has been decided to conduct a single examination for the respective posts and publish the rank list as in the previous system. The new system will apply to the posts of University Assistant, Sub-Inspector etc. and the current system will continue in other posts. A primary discussion was held on this.
The preliminary examination is conducted to qualify for various posts according to educational qualifications like 10th standard, higher secondary, and graduation. However, some of the preliminary exams, which are conducted in stages at the same level, will be easier and others will be difficult. After various stages of examinations, the expert committee checks the quality of the questions and equates the marks, but there are complaints that there are shortcomings. It is also alleged that since it is conducted in multiple stages, it leads to delays in conducting the second stage exam and publishing the rank list. The new move is taking all this into account.
Last year, it was decided not to conduct the preliminary examination for the civil police officer post. This time PSC conducted a single examination for the last grade posts of Theater Mechanic in Medical Education Department, Mail Warden in the Scheduled Caste Development Department, and NCC/Military Welfare Department.
Meanwhile, there are those in the commission who are of the opinion that the preliminary examination should continue. It is also argued that it is natural to have different quality question papers when preliminary examination is conducted in different phases. A final decision will be taken after further discussions in this regard.
Started in December 2020
Exams were made into two phases on the UPSC model during the tenure of former chairman MK Zakir with an aim to reduce the number of applicants and publish the rank list faster. It was implemented in the exams from December 2020 onwards.

Marks equation is as follows
Marks will be equated to the questions in the preliminary examination at different stages as very tough, tough, average, easy and very easy. Its norms will be published on the website. However, it is alleged that PSC does not respond to doubts and complaints about this.


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