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Vishü Rita Krocha
Kohima | May 30

While Viku L Achumi, the 567th rank holder of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Examinations feels that it has become a cliché for people to say that they want to be useful for the society and also to be a role model for the society, he truly believes in his heart that being able to clear the examination can not only benefit himself but the society at large.
A graduate of IIT Kanpur in civil engineering, Viku L Achumi from Shena Old Village under Zunheboto district is the first to clear the UPSC examinations from his native village at the age of 26. He cleared the examinations in his fifth attempt, an experience, which he says, has taught him that UPSC is not just about studying but a process of all round development.
He had made it twice to the main examination for two consecutive years but even when he did not clear it, he expressed firm belief that “God has a plan for me.”
“To be honest, it was disappointing when I didn’t make it initially, but I believed in God’s plan for my life in civil services and that I will be able to clear it…,” he puts across while expressing that he is especially grateful to God and his parents and well-wishers.
Stating belief that this examination is not only about studying but an all-round development process, he says, “So, I studied but at the same time also focussed on my physical and mental health. In the initial stage, I used to study for long hours, but later, knowing that it’s not only about studies, but also about other things, I focussed on those other things as well.”
One of the things he also did was “maintain consistency.” To all the aspiring candidates, he also says, “whoever is preparing for the civil services examination should not simply appear because their friends are appearing or because they saw someone entering into the service but if they truly have this determination that they will work hard and despite disappointment and failures, if they have the courage to persist, they should get on to it.”
“This exam is something which is doable with hard work and consistency,” he maintains. 
Viku L Achumi studied at Sainik School, Imphal till his 10th standard and decided to pursue technical after his 12th. He felt that studying at IIT Kanpur placed him among the best people and in a way trained him for the times ahead. “No education is a waste whatever the degree,” he feels.
‘Have discipline in life because it’s not just the exams where you need it’
24-year-old Imsennaro Walling from Khensa village under Mokokchung district is one of the youngest to have cleared the prestigious UPSC examinations by securing 585th rank. Born and raised in Mokokchung, she studied at Jubilee Memorial School till her 10th, pursued her 11-12 from Pine Mount School, Shillong, and graduated in Physics honours from St Stephen’s College, Delhi University.
“I feel blessed and thank God for giving me this opportunity just to sit for the examinations and to clear it is happiness, I feel very blessed,” she relates to The Morung Express. Coming out successfully in her third attempt, she says, both the times before that, she did not even make it in the preliminary examination.
“I would say that has been the first failure I encountered in my life,” she expresses in this regard. As a result, she naturally felt very demotivated and sometimes, felt like giving up as well but maintains that, “by God’s help and my family and friends’ support, I’ve been able to get through it.” She further adds that “I’ve been very lucky to have wonderful parents and friends who believed in me; just for the result itself, even though I didn’t believe in myself they kept on encouraging me saying that it would work out fine. That has been a great motivation.”
On the entire UPSC journey, she says, “it has been a very challenging experience” but proclaims that “I’ve learnt a lot from it, not only from the exam perspective but on inculcating good habits and qualities in life and overall, it’s been a pleasant experience.”
Also talking about her preparation, she also expresses that “I wouldn’t say studying for long hours is necessary; the number of hours will not determine whether you are productive or not, but I feel like you should have a certain plan.” Her strategy was making weekly and monthly plans to cover whatever syllabus for those periods and would generally put in 7-8 hours of preparation on a daily basis. But Imsennaro Walling also made sure that she took some time out to enjoy and take a break. “I didn’t want to get too much into it. I would read books, listen to podcasts, take a long evening walk or listen to music,” she puts across.
For those aspiring to pursue civil services, her advice is, “Just have faith in yourself. Be dedicated in whatever you are doing. Have discipline in life because it’s not just the exams where you need discipline and dedication, but also in life, you are going to need it in whatever you do. Have faith in God and it will all work out fine.”
According to the PTI news agency, the UPSC announced on Monday that as many as 685 candidates have qualified the prestigious test. Of the successful candidates, 244 are from general category, 73 from Economically Weaker Sections , 203 of Other Backward Classes, 105 Scheduled Caste and 60 from the Scheduled Tribes, the Commission said.
The civil services examination is conducted annually in three stages preliminary, main and interview to select officers of the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, and the Indian Police Service, among others.
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